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Canopy Tax is a cloud based program that was created to help accounting firms create, manage, and resolve any and all tasks that happen on a day to day basis. We adopted this software in August of 2020, and we are excited to bring some of its features to you! Including a new client portal where you can upload files, and sign documents electronically. It even offers a mobile application you can use to do all of the same functions available on the webpage. 

Downloading the Canopy Client Portal App

Use these links to download the app now (mobile only)


Canopy Apple 1.PNG



Uploading Files with the Client Portal App

  1. Open App then go to the Files Tab

  2. Tap Add a file. Camera will open (you may need to grant permission to the app to access your camera)

  3. Tap Scan with camera 

  4. Align document with the blue scan box on the screen

    • Once aligned the scan will automatically occur

      • If having difficulty aligning you can take the photo yourself then edit the scan area to include only the document. 

    • Tap the scanned image in the bottom right corner to preview the document

  5. Tap Save

  6. Choose the type of document you are uploading, or input a new document type

    • Use default file name

    • Document will appear in your files folder in the app as well as on the client portal webpage

Keep checking back for new updates and how-to guides!

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